About Us

What is eyeing Bhutan? Historically to go through, many Buddhist tantric who were born in Tibet in AD’s has eyed Bhutan as peaceful and eco-friendly to practice the Bodhi dharma. They came, and now Bhutan has become one of the most Buddhist practicing country in the world. Ironically the raven we see in the crown of our kings which is subjected as a guardian deity of Bhutan is also eyeing Bhutan in order to safe guard the country.

So many people, who has eyed many countries has found Bhutan a very alien country. Bhutan because of its unique culture and tradition, environment, eco-friendly nature of people and one most unique method of measuring GDP that i.e. through GNH (gross national happiness), coined by our fourth Druk Gyalpo has gained popularity for the foreigner to come in and experience.

So eyeing Bhutan travel, in order to make you experience the heavenly creation of nature has been established in 2019 registered under the tourism council of Bhutan.